Revised US/Mexico Sugar Sugar Trade Suspension Agreement Reached – Duties/Retaliation Avoided, for now

In late April, after the confirmation of US Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Purdue, expectations for a deal to revise terms of the 2014 Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duty Suspension Agreements were circulating around Washington, D.C. The following week, the U.S. Department of Commerce issued an ultimatum that the Department would reinstate duties on sugar imports from Mexico unless an agreement is reached by June 5th. In response Mexico’s sugar industry submitted a request to Mexico’s Economy Ministry asking for an investigation into suspected dumping of U.S. HFCS syrup into Mexico. On June 6th, an agreement (in principle) was reached that avoided placement of 80% duties on Mexican sugar and immediate retaliation against HFCS by the Mexican Government.  The Mexican sugar industry has not withdrawn their request for a probe of HFCS dumping.


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