Direct Deposit Participation Required in 2023

At their September meeting, the GGC Board reaffirmed their decision to require Direct Deposit participation starting in 2023. (Current Participation – 94.3%)

If a member is not enrolled, their payment will be considered an account payable that will be settled when a member enrolls. Therefore, to receive distribution payments in 2023, a member MUST be enrolled in Direct Deposit.

Questions and Answers about Direct Deposit (ACH)
Q. What happens when I change bank accounts?
A. If you change bank accounts, just write a note to Golden Growers to inform us of the change, attach a new void check or deposit slip, and sign the request. If it is a joint account, please have all members sign the request. You may also download a new Direct Deposit form the GGC website, complete it and mail it to our office. If you change banks and forget to notify GGC, your payment will be returned to GGC and we will issue you a paper check with a new form to complete and return to our office.
Q. How will I know when GGC issues a payment?
A. GGC mails a letter to our Direct Deposit participants at the time of payment to inform members that the deposit was issued. The letter requests members to check their account and report any concerns that might arise.
Q. Is Direct Deposit secure?
A. The ACH system (working closely with the Federal Reserve, U.S. Treasury) is one of the most secure payment systems anywhere. Every payment has a tracking history to identify EXACTLY where the payment originated and where it was deposited. Member data is entered on Agvance software residing on a highly secure private virtual server hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Access to GGC’s information in Agvance is limited to one person at GGC two individuals at Eide Bailly through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) using multiple security features and passwords.