Golden Growers Cooperative’s Board of Directors

Golden Growers Cooperative’s (GGC) Board is comprised of 12 members.  The Board will be reduced to 9 members in 2021 pursuant to Bylaws amended on March 29, 2019. Thereafter, at each Annual Meeting, One Director will be elected as an At-Large Director and on Director will be elected from two of GGC’s three member districts. Directors serve three-year terms, and may serve a maximum of four, full, three-year terms. Directors’ terms expire on the day of the third annual meeting following their elections.

Immediately following each annual meeting, the Board holds a reorganization meeting. At this meeting, the directors elect a Chairperson, First and Second Vice Chairpersons, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. These five Board officers comprise the co-op’s Executive Committee, and also serve as GGC representatives to the ProGold, LLC, Board of Governors. At its reorganization meeting, the board also elects a first and second alternate to the ProGold board, who fill in whenever a member of the Executive Committee is unable to attend one of the semi-annual ProGold board meetings.

For more information on directors’ responsibilities, obligations and elections, please refer to the Bylaws of Golden Growers Cooperative.

The current Board of Directors:


 David Benedict  North  218-238-5062  2010  2022
 Richard Bot  South  507-829-6382  2017  2023
 Mark Harless, Chairperson  North  218-236-0862  2011  2023
 Matt Hasbargen, Secretary  At-Large  701-271-9254  2013  2022
 Scott Jetvig, Treasurer  At-Large  218-483-4639  2015  2024
Brett Johnson, 2nd Vice Chair Central 701-274-8909 2013 2022
Byron Koehl At-Large  320-760-2088  2010  2022
Nicolas Pyle, 1st Vice Chair  Central  701-347-4421  2010  2022
Larry Vipond  South 320-677-2535 2015 2024