Board Election 2017 (Vacancy in SE District)

Current GGC board member Bernie DeCock from Ghent, MN announced that he will not be seeking re-election to the Board at the March 23rd, 2017 annual meeting.  This vacancy allows an opportunity for those from the district who have considered serving to do so.

Current directors up for re-election are: Shaun Beauclair, Steven, MN (NE District); Mark Harless, Borup, MN (EC District); Chris Johnson, Whahpeton, ND (SW District); and Glenn Johnson, Mayville, ND (NW District).  SE District Director Bernie DeCock from Ghent, MN is not seeking re-electionThis leaves an open seat for the SE District.

Any member in good standing is eligible to be nominated to the Board in the district where the member is registered.  If you are interested in serving on the Board or want more information about district elections, visit our website at or contact us at 701-281-0468 or

Additional information on elections (including petitions) is available on the Election of Directors page on our website.