Golden Growers Cooperative’s Board of Directors

Golden Growers Cooperative’s (GGC) Board is comprised of 9 members.  At each Annual Meeting, One Director will be elected as an At-Large Director and one Director will be elected from two of GGC’s three member districts. Directors serve three-year terms, and may serve a maximum of four, full, three-year terms. Directors’ terms expire on the day of the third annual meeting following their elections.

Immediately following each annual meeting, the Board holds a reorganization meeting. At this meeting, the directors elect a Chairperson, First and Second Vice Chairpersons, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. These five Board officers comprise the co-op’s Executive Committee.  Three members of the Executive Committee are appointed to the ProGold, LLC, Board of Governors.

For more information on directors’ responsibilities, obligations and elections, please refer to the Bylaws of Golden Growers Cooperative.

The current Board of Directors:


Blane Benedict  North  701-2238-2626  2022  2024
 Richard Bot  South  507-829-6382  2017  2023
 Mark Harless, Chairperson  North  218-236-0862  2011  2023
 Matt Hasbargen, Secretary  At-Large  701-271-9254  2013  2025
 Scott Jetvig, 2nd Vice Chair  At-Large  218-483-4639  2015  2024
Brett Johnson, 1st Vice Chair Central 701-274-8909 2013 2025
Chris Johnson Central  701-640-4201  2022  2023
Brady Koehl  At-Large  320-392-5486  2022  2023
Larry Vipond, Treasurer  South 320-677-2535 2015 2024