Streamlined Transfers for Trusts, Joint Tenants, or Tenants in Common

The Golden Growers Board of Directors implemented a new policy to simplify some common transfers.  The policy applies to transfers to trusts and for the addition or deletion of a tenant.

Because of estate planning, many GGC members make requests to transfer their membership interest into a trust or they request the addition of a spouse as a joint tenant.  In other circumstances, we are asked to delete a joint tenant or a tenant in common.

To accommodate these transfers that do not result in a change in membership ID and often don’t result in a change in Tax IDs, the new policy allows for transfers to be processed administratively.

Transferees must agree to succeed to the Uniform Membership Agreement, Annual Delivery Agreement, any Security Agreements on file, sign a new Annual Delivery Agreement for the coming year.

Transfer forms and instructions are posted on the GGC Website under the Membership Tab by clicking on the Transfer Applications/Documents link.

Feel free to contact the Golden Growers office if you have any questions.