2021 Annual Delivery Agreement (Pool Election) Deadline is December 10th.

On October 5th, Golden Growers mailed the ‘Annual Pool Election’ letter offering members the opportunity to change their delivery method for the coming year. Only members who intend to change their delivery need to respond.

Once delivery methods are set, GGC is not able to change a member’s delivery obligation for the year. Therefore, if you plan to change from Method A (physical delivery) to Method B (GGC acts as your Agent) or visa versa, complete the Annual Delivery Agreement (ADA) printed on the back page of your October 5th letter and return it to the Golden Growers office no later than December 10th.

Note: If you have misplaced your Annual Election Letter and intend to change delivery methods, contact the Golden Growers Office for a replacement letter. (701-281-0468 or scotts@goldengrowers.com)

A REMINDER: Method A Pool Participants have Delivery Choices
Provisions in the 2018 Grain Services agreement with Cargill allowed more options for Method A deliveries that may affect your annual delivery decision.

Key revisions to our Grain Services Agreement include:

  • Cargill is appointed by GGC as its grain buying agent to receive, make payment for, and report Method A corn deliveries. (Payments for delivered corn will be issued directly from Cargill.)
  • Affiliated Persons’ may deliver for a Method A member. Affiliated Persons include producers who: 1) Have a familial relationship to the Member; 2) Own or control more than 50% or has management rights over the Member; 3) Shares farming resources with the Member; or 4) Are an entity in which 50% ownership is by an immediate family member(s) of the Member.
    • Note: ‘Familial relationship’ and ‘immediate family member’ includes brothers, sisters, spouse, ancestors (parents, grandparents), and lineal descendants (children, grandchildren).
  • Cargill may pay Affiliated Persons for corn delivered on behalf of the Method A member.
    • Note: If a person not considered ‘affiliated’ delivers on behalf of a Member, Cargill will pay the Member directly.

We believe these changes allow Method A Pool participants more flexibility and provide for a more efficient process for the Cooperative.