Avoid the $75/Year Administrative Fee, Enroll in Direct Deposit

Starting in 2022, a $75 Printed Check Administrative Fee for Members NOT Enrolled in Direct Deposit.

Direct Deposit was first utilized in October of 2017 with 250 members participating (16%). Over the past four years, we have had steady growth in participation with 1,343 members enrolled (89.6%) for the October payment. Participants have been pleased with the timely, seamless, and secure process for receipt of distributions. They also receive a mailed letter explaining the payment for their records.  Due to the success of Direct Deposit and the reduced administrative costs associated with it, the Board determined that all members will need to participate by January 1 of 2023.

Golden Growers will be mailing an enrollment letter to non-participating members in December explaining the change in policy and encouraging participation prior to January Method A payment and the February distribution. You can enroll earlier by completing the reverse side of your distribution payment letter.