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2016 Annual Delivery Agreement (Pool Election) Deadline is December 15th

In October, Golden Growers members received their ‘Annual Pool Election’ letter offering the opportunity to change their method of delivery necessary to meet membership obligations under the Uniform Member Agreement. Only members intending to change their delivery method need to respond. The Board of Directors believes it is in the Cooperative’s interest to have a […]

Corn Refiners and Sugar Association Settle Lawsuit

On November 20th, corn refiners and sugar companies reached a settlement in their ongoing legal dispute. In 2011, sugar companies filed suit claiming that the corn refiners campaign promoting HFCS as ‘corn sugar’ and ‘natural’ were false asking for $1.1 billion in compensatory damages. Corn refiners countersued for $530 million suggesting that the Sugar Association […]

The Meaning of ‘Natural’, the FDA Wants Your Thoughts

The use of the term ‘natural’ as it applies to food has been the result of a great deal of controversy. Many ‘natural’ claims have been litigated over the years over the inclusion of foods containing genetically modified foods or manufacturing processes of foods (i.e. converting corn starch to sweetener). There have been several petitions […]

GGC Board Votes to Issue $0.23 Distribution

On September 17th, Golden Growers Cooperative’s (GGC) Board of Directors approved a distribution of $0.23 per bushel delivered in 2014 or per member unit, effective for members of record on October 1, 2015.  This distribution has two components: First, the distribution includes the retirement of the remaining $0.0836 per bushel  2014 equity credits.  This completes […]

GGC Board Approves Equity Credit Retirement of $0.22/bushel.

At their June 18th meeting, the Golden Growers Board of Directors approved a distribution of $3,408,900, or $0.22/bushel delivered in 2014, to members of record as of June 1, 2015.  Combined with the February distribution, 84% of  2014 allocated income has been retired.  The remaining equity credit balance is $1,295,004 or $0.0836/bushel delivered in 2014. […]

You Can Help Prove our Corn is Produced ‘Sustainably’

In his report at GGC’s recent annual meeting, former Chairman Jason Medhaug discussed the demands for sustainability measurements from within the food supply chain.  Measurements normally revolve around three issues: the Environment; the Community; and Economic Sustainability. The trend for sustainable food production is gaining momentum as food and beverage companies jump on board to […]

Legacy Planning for Your Farming Operation

Dan Peterson of e4 Brokerage, LLC met with the GGC Board of Directors at their June meeting to discuss Nationwide Financial’s ‘Land As Your Legacy’ planning program.  “In the next 20 years, 70% of farming operations will transfer form one generation to the next.  In order to preserve the farm for the next generation, planning is […]

Lori Buckhouse Joins Golden Growers

As of March 1st, Lori Buckhouse joined the staff of Golden Growers Cooperative.  Lori has extensive administrative and bookkeeping experience serving both public and private sector institutions. Prior to joining the ND Barley Council and ND Grain Growers, Lori worked for NDSU’s Agricultural Systems and Biosystems Engineering Department. Lori will continue to serve the ND […]

Golden Growers Relocates Cooperative Office

In order to add stability to the organization and further reduce costs, Golden Growers has relocated our cooperative office. As of April 21st, Golden  Growers will be collocated with the North Dakota Barley Council and North Dakota Grain Growers Association at 1002 main Avenue West in West Fargo, ND. All three organizations will share office […]


At the conclusion of the Golden Growers Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors elected Mark Harless of Moorhead, MN to be Chairman.  Harless his wife Lenae, and their son Paul farm near Borup, MN raising corn, soybeans, and edible beans. In addition to Harless, other officers selected include: Nicolas Pyle of Casselton, ND elected as First […]