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‘A Change of Partners’ – Harless discusses the ProGold partnership with Cargill

Chairman Mark Harless reviewed the change in ownership of ProGold LLC. “On March 1st, Cargill purchased 50% interest (in ProGold) from American Crystal Sugar Company and Golden Growers Cooperative purchased American Crystal’s remaining 1%. The next result is that Cargill and Golden Growers each own 50% interest in ProGold, LLC.” Harless indicated that MDU’s August […]

Mike Wagner highlights ‘Stability’ and ‘Certainty’

Cargill’s Managing Director for Cargill’s Starches, Sweeteners, and Texturizers North American Business, emphasized the importance of stability and certainty for the Wahpeton corn wet milling plant. “I couldn’t imagine not having Wahpeton in our corn milling network,” stated Mike Wagner. “On February 24th, when we held a ‘virtual announcement’ about our agreement, Wahpeton employees offered […]

Stofferahn: Information available to determine value

Scott Stofferahn stressed that while the GGC Board believes that the recent agreement with Cargill is favorable to Unit values, GGC will not offer an opinion on the value of Units. “How units are valued is up to each one of you as members. But all of the information you need to make that judgement […]

Directors Elected – Directors Honored

Three New Directors Elected, Bylaws Amended Golden Growers members elected: Brady Koehl, of Hancock, MN as At-Large Director for a 1-Year term; Chris Johnson of Great Bend, ND as Central District Director for a 1-Year term; and Blane Benedict of Sabin, MN as North District Director for a 2-Year term. In addition, Matthew Hasbargen was […]


West Fargo, ND (February 24, 2022) Cargill Inc. (Cargill) formally announced that it will exercise its option to purchase American Crystal’s 50% interest in ProGold LLC (ProGold).  As a party to the 2018 Consent Agreement, Golden Growers Cooperative (Golden Growers) will purchase American Crystal’s remaining 1%.  The net result is that Cargill and GGC will […]

PLEASE ATTEND: GGC Annual Meeting, March 24th!

Please attend the Golden Growers Annual Members Meeting, Thursday, March 24th at the DoubleTree Conference Center, 825 Beaton Drive, West Fargo, ND The Agenda Includes: 9:00 a.m.  Short Courses Nick Watson, FNC Ag Stock, LLC – ‘How to buy or sell Golden Growers Units’ Pat Pithey, Cargill Corn Merchandising – ‘Expectations for 2022 Corn Crop […]

How will GGC Elections be Conducted?

Although we will hold our Annual Members Meeting ‘in person’ this year at the DoubleTree Conference Center, the SARS-CoV-2 and the COVID-19 disease will still be with us. We recommend members take precautions to protect their health and the health of their families. In order to enable full participation in the election process, regardless of […]

Five Directors will be Elected/Re-Elected at March 24th Annual Meeting

At our Annual Meeting, Members have the opportunity to re-elect and elect Directors to serve on the GGC Board of Directors. Current directors up for re-election for 3-year terms are: Brett Johnson, Mooreton, ND (C District) and Matthew Hasbargen, Breckenridge, MN (At-Large Director). Directors David Benedict (N District); Byron Koehl (At-Large Director); and Nicolas Pyle […]

GGC Board Allocates Income, Approves $0.14/bushel Distribution

On February 3, 2022, after review of the 2021 end of year financial and income statements, the Board of Directors allocated income of $7,090,978 to the members of Golden Growers Cooperative. The Board also approved the retirement of a portion of allocated equity credit in an amount of $0.14 per patronized bushel for a total […]

Anticipate a Bylaw Amendment Proposal in January

Over the past two years, Golden Growers Cooperative held virtual Annual Meetings in order to protect our members from the possibility of COVID-19 infection. Obviously, this is not our preferred way to interact with our membership on an annual basis. Accordingly, we modified our meeting procedures to allow full participation for every member while still […]