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2021 Pool Election Decision

Each year, Members have the opportunity to change their method of delivery by submitting a revised Annual Delivery Agreement (ADA). This is your only opportunity to change your method of delivery for the coming year. You should have already received your Annual Delivery Election letter with the ADA form on the back page. If you […]

GGC Board Approves Distribution of $0.13/Unit

On September 17th, the Golden Growers Board of Directors approved a distribution of $2,013,762 to members of record as of October 1, 2020. This distribution retires the remaining portion of 2018 allocated income and a portion of 2019 allocated income. In combination with the February and June distributions, a total of $6,196,692 has been issued […]

Moving to Direct Deposit for all Members

The Golden Growers Board had an extensive discussion about the value of Direct Deposit for members (assurance of accurate and timely receipt of distributions) and the cooperative (lower administrative costs). At the conclusion of that discussion, the Board approved a change in policy intended to gradually move all members to participate in Direct Deposit. Changes […]

Cybersecurity – Protecting Yourself When Online

As we become more and more connected through the regular use of the internet and email, it is easy to become complacent on the risk associated with online activities. There are a few reasonble steps to reduce (not eliminate) your risk. Passwords: Passwords should not be simple and used for multiple accounts. Make them more […]

Trump tells his EPA to deny Retroactive Waivers – Considers payments to Refiners.

Under election year pressure (especially in Iowa), President Trump ordered EPA to deny retroactive waiver requests intended to sidestep a 10th circuit court ruling. The circuit court ruled that waiver requests could only be approved if a refiner had continuously received them. The Trump Administration quadrupled the number of RFS exemptions since taking office. While […]

Ethanol Under Stress

The renewable fuels industry has been on a roller coast for several months now and the financial stress is widespread throughout the sector. In response to a challenge brought against the EPA by the Renewable Fuels Association, National Corn, the American Coalition for Ethanol, and the National Farmers Union, 10th circuit federal court ruled in […]

GGC Board Approves Distribution of $0.13/Unit

On June 15th, the Golden Growers Board of Directors approved a $0.13/Unit distribution of $2,013,762 to members of record as of June 1, 2020. A $0.13/Unit distribution is a penny lower than what the Golden Growers Board had been distributing more recently. It has been the GGC Board’s goal to level out distributions through the […]

Keeping the Flame Burning

“Our theme for this year’s annual meeting is ‘Keeping the Flame Burning’. In connection with this theme, we temporarily changed our logo and colors to reflect the concept. We had a dual purpose for today’s theme,” opened Harless. “We wanted to recognize and celebrate twenty-five years since Golden Growers member elected their initial Board of […]

Harless and Bot Re-Elected, Retiring Board Members Honored

Golden Growers members re-elected Mark Harless (North District) and Richard Bot (South District) at the 2020 Annual Meeting. Upon re-election, Rick Bot thanked members for their support over the past three years. “Serving on the board has been a great experience. I’ve been able to learn more about international trade, the many products made from […]

NOTICE: Golden Growers to hold ‘Virtual’ Annual Members Meeting

The previously scheduled ‘in person’ meeting at the DoubleTree in West Fargo will not be held.  Instead the Annual Meeting will be held through Remote Communication using GoToMeeting’s Conferencing Services starting at 9:45 am CDT on March 26th.   This decision was not arrived at lightly because our Board values our annual face to face […]